We Are a Publicly Traded Performance Marketing Agency That Guarantees Results. Period.

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Certified Marketing Partners With:

Name a digital media channel. Got it? Good -- chances are that our digital marketing experts have been delivering unparalleled results in this channel since its inception.

So it's no surprise that we're certified digital partners with pretty much every single top tier traffic source out there.

Preferential Discounts On Ad Spend

Over the years, our close relationships at each of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 media channels have allowed us to offer preferential discounts on overall ad spend for our preferred clients.

Just this one perk of being an Adtiger client has resulted in many of our clients savings literally MILLIONS a year in ad costs.

AdTensor - Our AI-Enabled Ad Creation / Managment Platform

Adtiger clients gain access to AdTensor, one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing.

This is one of our premiere advantages, as it both simplifies effective ad creation and can leverage our specially trained AI to adjust bidding parameters on the fly for superior results.

AI-Augmented Video Creation

Creating video ads in a specific aspect ratio is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Pick a template from our library of best practice templates
2. Insert product/service images
3. Review ad copy / URL

Low Price Auction Opportunity Explorer

AdTensor has been ingesting ad auction price data since 2015, and can quickly identify opportunities for you to launch ads to a specific segment that is currently trending way below normal prices

Hyper-Advanced AI-Assisted Bidding Strategies

Under AdTensor's 24/7 watchful eye, the most exotic of bidding strategies can be implemented that would be impossible to perform otherwise.

Why Performance Marketing?

Most digital marketing agencies have a HUGE conflict of interest with their clients.

Businesses need as many results (sales/leads/app installs) as possible.

Agencies need to spend as much of your money since they don't make as much if your ads work better.

We reconcile these two worlds by making sure that every dollar you spend with us leads to exponentially more value derived.

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